About Smily Mia


How did we get our start?

Owner Paul is a single father, there was a lot of ignore of Mia's milestones when she was little. One day he found out she was biting her fingers, A LOT. He took her to doctor's and figured out that expecting safety loss, she missed her mouthing phrase, and better let her chew back to fix it. Paul then decided to start a brand on this, and names it with her name, Mia. To remind himself and all parents, following baby's growing milestones, those precious moment did not come back again.

What makes our products unique?

We are making the productsnot only functional, but also adorable.

Each product is designed to a parent's demand.

So if you have any problem that you are facing whie raising your little one, please contact us, let's make a product according to yout needs.