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Smily Mia - Soothing Your Little One’s Gums for a Merry First Christmas!

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Christmas Reindeer
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Dear Santa’s Little Helper,
A joyful jingle of thanks for choosing Smily Mia
to soothe tiny gums - your smiles keep our elves merry!
Happy Teething, Happy Christmas!

A brand from a father's love

Mia is the name of Owner-Paul's daughter. The brand is established to remind him and all parents.

Smily Mia is a baby's oral care brand that is dedicated to providing babies with happy, safe, and healthy dental experiences. The brand's name, "Smily Mia," embodies the idea of smiles and happiness, representing its mission to help every child have a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Baby Smile Better

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The Perfect Feeding Solution For Your Little One

Dommy Silicone Straw Bottle-Peach Dust


Dommy Silicone Curved Training Spoon
Dommy Silicone Curved Training Spoon
Dommy Silicone Curved Training Spoon
Dommy Silicone Curved Training Spoon
Dommy Silicone Curved Training Spoon
Dommy Silicone Curved Training Spoon
Dommy Silicone Curved Training Spoon

Dommy Silicone Curved Training Spoon

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  • Elevate your baby’s mealtime essentials with our ergonomically designed Silicone Bowl Spoon. Made with platinum silicone and a stainless steel core, this spoon is perfect for babies 6 months and older, taking care of their dining preference and nurturing their eating habits.
  • Ergonomic Design: The bendable spoon is engineered to encourage self-feeding. The innovative design fits perfectly in your baby’s small hands, making it easier for them to grasp, enhancing their motor skills while ensuring they eat comfortably and joyfully.
  •  Ambidextrous Usage: Whether your baby is a budding southpaw or leans to the right, our spoon is designed for both left and right-handed use. It adapts to your baby’s dining preference, establishing a hassle-free feeding experience.
  •  Gentle on Baby’s Mouth: The spoon features a soft, rounded tip that is gentle on your baby’s delicate oral cavity. It ensures that your little one enjoys their meal while minimizing the risk of injuries or discomfort.
  •  Stainless Steel Core: Not only does it provide excellent durability and longevity, but the stainless steel inner lining also supports your baby in scooping up food effortlessly. It assists in maintaining the spoon’s shape, structure, and stability.
  •  Invest in our Silicone Bowl Spoon to make your baby’s mealtime interactive, safe, enjoyable, and productive. Embrace the joy of seeing your little one learn, grow, and enjoy their meals one spoonful at a time.
Smily Mia E-Gift Card

Smily Mia E-Gift Card

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Shopping for a loved one but not sure what to get? Give them the gift of choice with a Smily Mia gift card.

Gift cards will be delivered by email with instructions to redeem at checkout. A physical card is not included. 


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