When to use teether for baby

Do you really know the importance of the teether and when to use teether for baby?

For babies, teething is an essential part. Usually, babies will grow their first tooth boot teething when they are about 6 months old, and at this time, we need extra attention to teether for babies disadvantages.
Generally, I would recommend buying a teether for the baby from birth. There are silicone teethers suitable for babies from 0-12 months. Because teethers can not only imitate the mother's nipples, but also prevent babies from sucking their fingers.

So What teether should I choose at baby teether age?

For 0-3 months old

The baby has not yet grown teeth, so it is particularly important to protect his gums and mouth. You can buy some smoother and softer teethers for him, such as the penguin one. It can not only exercise his hand grip ability, but also protect his fingers, mouth and gums well.

When he is 3-6 months old

Baby will experience the budding of his teeth. Some children will cry because when teething, the baby's gums will itch and sometimes hurt, so you will find that the baby will want to put anything in his mouth. Don't blame him at this time, because he himself is also very uncomfortable and can't control it. At this time, we need to find the best teething relief and we can choose a teether with a little friction, because this can relieve the pain of teething. This reindeer teether can effectively solve this problem, and it also retains the design of training hand grip.

When the baby is 6-12 months old

At this age,the baby's teeth begin to grow slowly. But at this stage, the baby's gums will still hurt, because the baby's teeth are still growing and developing, so the teether is still a very important thing. But at this stage, we can try new types of teethers. For example, whale shapes, dinosaur shapes, etc. This irregular shape just makes his gums more comfortable

After 12 months

Congratulations, your baby has successfully passed the first year and started a new journey. Many mothers have begun to try to feed him, and the teether is almost over, but for him, it is really helpful and has great collection value and significance. As a father and mother, isn't it to commemorate the baby's growth process?