How do I choose Teether to my babies?

Teether is a chewing toy designed for babies. Its main function is to help babies exercise their chewing ability and promote the fine development of hand-mouth coordination. Teether can also relieve gum discomfort during the baby's teething period.

First, make sure that the material of the teether is safe and non-toxic to avoid affecting the baby's health. Secondly, the teether needs to be cleaned regularly during use to avoid bacterial growth.

Common pacifier materials are rubber, latex and silicone. The texture of the rubber pacifier is similar to the mother's nipple.The taste and texture of the latex pacifier are better, and the elasticity is better; the silicone pacifier has good aging resistance, smooth surface, transparency.

Teethers are usually made of plastic or silicone. Plastic teethers are generally made of environmentally friendly and safe materials such as PP or ABS, which are corrosion-resistant and stable. Silicone teethers are soft and elastic, which can protect the baby's delicate gums.

So,What the Brand are the best and I should choose for baby?

TOP1: Nuby

Provides versatility for your child. As your baby grows more and different teeth, what they need for pain relief may vary at each stage. It comes with three different teethers that are freezer-safe and suitable for babies 3 months and older.


TOP2: SmilyMia

Suitable for 0-12 Months old baby.100% silicone and BPA-Free.More save and be more satisfy by most people.Affordable price and popular love by babies.Never drop design and can help baby release teething pain.


TOP3: Comotomo

The ring design makes it easy for little hands to hold it, and babies 6 months and older can chew it to soothe their front teeth. Features different textures to massage painful baby gums.


TOP4 :Baby Banana

babies 3 to 12 months old, is designed to be easy for little hands to hold, and has soft silicone bristles that massage sore gums and get your child used to brushing.


TOP5: Boon Pulp 

Silicone Feeders 2-Pack are especially good for foods like bananas because they slowly release food through small holes, allowing your baby to get used to tasting and digesting solid foods. Even better, some feeders are also designed to relieve teething pain.


TOP6: vulli sophie

One of the best teethers. It’s safe for babies to play with and chew on from birth to 12 months. While there are some shallow grooves here and there, all the edges of this teether are mostly soft and smooth and won’t poke their gums. It’s made from natural latex rubber and food-grade coatings.


TOP7: itzyritzy 

Each baby is different, and some babies teethe so early that they can't even get a firm grip on a teething ring yet. The ltzy Ritzy Silicone Teething Mitt is perfect for these babies because it's safe for little ones 3 months and up, fits the hand like a glove, and has a Velcro closure at the wrist so it stays in place.


If you don't know which brand to choose for your baby, and your baby is between 0-12 months old, then Nuby and Smilymia are recommended. They are both excellent and professional teether companies. They are loved by mothers and babies.